donderdag 23 oktober 2008

Put van Cloedt

The pit of Cloedt, is a lake not so far from my home. In the 1930's Mr Cloedt started his clay digging company. When there was no more clay to be dug, he filled it up with water. Untill the seventies it was a hunting spot, because a lot of birds STILL migrate there. Today it is still privatised and closed for public. For over 30 years. It is Completely willd now. Rabbits, foxes, Storks, mice,.; are only a few of the animals i encountered there. Never a human. There is even a grove full of raspberries, cranberries, apples, pears. It is a delight to sneak in there, be embraced by the pit. Because the line of trees around the lake protect you from the nasty swallow of the city. And it is nearly upon us. or on me. At the start of the new year, they will start constructing an 18-hole golfcourse, in that area, completely integrated with the pit of cloedt. They will destroy that lush peace of nature, generations of animals, for the sake of pushing a ball in a hole with a stick. Be sure that i will be chained high atop the highest tree when they coming. Throwing sly remarks and my own feces. thats why i've edited this walkthrough around the lake. Normally it takes a half hour ,through edit, i got it under 15 min.


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